Why should I join your firm?

Our real estate brokerage is a Georgia real estate referral and license holding firm that was designed to help 3 types of Agents:

  1. Agents that only want to earn referral fees and maintain an active Georgia real estate license for a low price instead of being stuck with a traditional brokerage that charges monthly fees although you are not actively working the business. These are Agents who typically have a full-time job in another industry with minimal to no time available to actively work in real estate, Agents who are no longer passionate about the business, or Agents that no longer live in the state of Georgia.
  2. Agents that are newly licensed in the state of Georgia that do not know where they want to hang their license full-time yet. Our firm gives newly licensed Agents the opportunity to truly define the type of business they want to run, and gives them time to research and interview Brokers of interest.
  3. Agents that are in transition between firms. These are Agents who typically need time to interview Brokers of interest.