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5 Steps to Success as a Real Estate Referral Agent

5 Steps to Success as a Real Estate Referral Agent

December 31, 2022 Referral Agent

Become a Referral Real Estate Agent and Earn More Income

How To Be A Successful Real Estate Referral Agent

Are you a Georgia real estate agent holding an inactive license or too busy to chase clients on nights and weekends? Don’t let your license go to waste, consider becoming a real estate referral agent! 

As a real estate referral agent, you can earn referral fees by referring your leads to other agents that are active in the market. It’s a simple and easy way to earn more income without having to do much work. All you have to do is sign up to become a Georgia real estate referral agent and start referring your leads to other agents.

But, how do you become successful as a real estate referral agent? Here are some tips to help you get leads and become a successful real estate referral agent.

5 Steps to Success as a Real Estate Referral Agent

  1. Identify the types of leads you want to refer: Of course, you have your network of family, friends, and associates. But to extend your reach of leads, think about the types of people you enjoy working with. What types of properties interest you? These two combined will help you have easy conversations that can turn into referral leads. In addition, this will help you determine the types of agents you want to refer your leads to.
  2. Build a network of agents: Connect with other agents in your area and build relationships with them. This will give you a pool of agents to refer your leads to. You can do this by attending local real estate events, joining industry organizations, or networking with other agents online.
  3. Establish your referral fees: Determine the referral fee you want to receive for each client you refer. Referral fees are negotiable and should be agreed upon by both you and the agent you are referring leads to.
  4. Communicate with your leads: When you have a lead who is interested in buying or selling real estate anywhere in the country, find out what is important to them. Next, explain to them that you have a network of agents you can refer them to. Finally, offer to introduce them to an agent who specializes in the type of property, area, or listing process they are looking for. Ensure to make them feel comfortable knowing that you are partnering them with an agent that can better serve their needs.
  5. Facilitate the referral: Once you and the agent you are referring your lead to have agreed upon a referral fee, complete any necessary referral paperwork. Then, introduce your lead to the agent and facilitate the referral. Also, check in from time-to-time to ensure everything is going well.

Get Started as a Real Estate Referral Agent

Becoming a successful real estate referral agent is a great way to use your Georgia real estate license. You can earn more income without adding tons of work to your plate. Follow these tips to become a successful referral agent. Get started now and start earning extra money as a referral agent today!

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