Preferred Home Inspector:

Als Inspections LLC
Contact: Alvin Smith

Note: Inspection fees will vary based on the square footage and age of the home.

Preferred Termite Inspectors:

Arrow Exterminators

Northwest Exterminating

Skyline Pest Solutions

Note: A termite inspection is not required in Georgia, but recommended.

Preferred Structural Engineer:

Erudite Engineers, Inc.
Contact: Malcolm Foss

Preferred Land Surveyor:

Georgia Land Surveying Co.


PLEASE BE AWARE: Home inspectors are generalists and are best suited for all-purpose, routine inspections. They do not warrant or guarantee that plumbing, HVAC, electric or other systems are of adequate capacity and sometimes do not report the age of systems, unless requested to do so. Sometimes inspectors only report whether or not the structure and systems are functional at the time of testing. They do not certify system capacities or report sewage/drainage issues that cannot be readily detected by the eye or through simple in-home testing measures.

If you would like to pursue comprehensive systems or structural inspections, you should coordinate a separate (licensed) plumbing, HVAC, electrical or roofing contractor, or structural engineer to perform specific drill-down inspections. Drill-down inspections must also be completed during the Due Diligence Period of the purchase contract. Again, repair negotiations are intended to be completed during the Due Diligence Period. NOTE: Repair negotiations do NOT apply to as-is purchases.

An important note about Radon Inspections:

Many inspectors now recommend radon tests prior to purchase. While radon inspections have not been typical in Georgia in the past, they’ve become more common, especially in homes with finished basements. The best reason to perform the test, aside from important health and safety reasons, is that your home may be inspected for radon by a future buyer and if levels are found to be high, you may be then asked to pay for expensive radon remediation. Radon tests are an added expense and they often take two or three days to complete, in addition to the home inspection.

Lastly, we do not have a relationship with any of the preferred vendors above. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and please remember to schedule your home inspection as soon as you have an accepted offer.